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Lined Waterproof Raingear Hood

Hoods and hardhats don’t always mix, which is why our hoods are removable. Attached to the Hurricane jacket by three snaps it can be attached or detached in seconds. No more water running down your neck when attached. This product is Certified “Hurricane” brand.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fully fleece lined for maximum heat retention around the head, ears and neck
  • Attaches to the jacket below the collar preventing water from dripping down your neck
  • Can be snugged to the head with hidden draw string
  • Designed to close when not in use so it doesn’t fill up with rain or snow


  • Made with 420 Denier polyurethane coated nylon inside and out
  • Polar Fleece lining integrated as part the entire inner hood design
  • Comes with fully integrated draw string
  • Strategically attaches to the base of the Hurricane jacket collar

If you plan on ordering the lined jacket with this hood, please specify the lined hood option with the jacket as the snaps for the hood that reside on the jacket are not standard options and must be specified in the original order. 

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