Rain Gear Pro - P008 Pro 3600 Chap (TCS) Rain Gear Pro - P008 Pro 3600 Chap (TCS)

P008 CHAP PRO (3600 TCS)

 This easy-on-easy-off product is the most robust chap on the market and is the perfect choice for intermittent use. Whether you are a commercial faller or out gathering firewood for the winter these will get you home safe. Whether it is 5 minutes for 5 hours that you are going to use your saw, ALWAYS use your protective gear.



  • Easy-on-off is a motivator to use personal protection equipment even for the smallest job. How often have we said…”its only 5 minutes”. 5 minutes can be your lifetime!!
  • These will keep you dry with their water resistant construction
  • The closed front design is not only safer, but also make you feel more secure and safe
  • Universal sizing fits all so that the product can be used by anyone near the saw
  • Exceeds WCB standard specifications
  • Our chaps are used exclusively by the BC forest service, for good reason


  • They are the lightest chap available on the market
  • Distinctive bright red color to alert those around you that the saw is dangerous
  • “closed front” design minimizes hang ups or snags and creates added protection for the user
  • The Chaps have an adjustable waist strap with 2” moster buckle
  • To ensure proper fitting for multiple users, there are three 1” quick-release buckles in the back to hold the chaps secure against the legs
  • Light weight at 1.9lb/875g (universal sizing)



100% 420 Denier Nylon Shell


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    Size Chart

    Standard Pant Length** 38"


    Note** - Chaps have a fold down length option of up to 38". Please call customer service at 1-888-840-2031 to discuss longer length options and then process your order which will include a $25 special order charge.