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Rain Gear Pro

Poly Pro & Hurricane Bundle

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$564.00 USD
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$593.00 USD
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$564.00 USD

Unlined Hurricane Jacket 

  • Double-lined outer shell, zero chance of water leakage
  • 100% Waterproof- Double-lined construction-zero water leakage
  •  Fatigue Proof – Wears like clothing, not rubber

Hurricane Bibbed Pants

  • ¾ Chest Protection – Unique bib design for added protection
  • Elasticized waist – Snugs to saw pants to keep out wood chips
  • Slides over corks -  On/off in seconds when sawing in rain and snow

Poly Pro 

  • The double-knit stretch polyester provides excellent heat wicking to keep you comfortable but safe in hot conditions
  • Polyester is highly resistant to oil and gas providing for pant longevity
  • The stretch material means ease of movement particularly when walking, bending, or kneeling

Unlined hood

  • Complete Element Protection - Removable hood snaps to jacket BELOW the collar