Denim Pro 3600 (TCS)

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  • 14oz Denim, Kevlar-protected pants for the diehard jean lovers
  • This classic work jeans “breaks in” with wear like all jeans
  • Built tough, the Denim Pro is an excellent dry-weather choice
    Size: 28" - 30" Waist
    Chainsaw Pant Size Guide
    Chain Saw Safety Pants


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    A Closer Look

    Introducing Denim Pro Saw Pants: Dive into timeless style with a twist! Just like your favorite jeans, they mold to fit perfectly over time. Revel in the unbeatable comfort of 100% cotton while reaping all its benefits. You won't just wear them - you'll swear by them.

    North American Made

    Tired of buying overseas-made gear? So were we.

    All of our gear is handmade in British Columbia

    Saw Pants Beyond Comparison

    Our precision-crafted saw pants are your first line of defense, melding unparalleled protection with optimal comfort.

    Engineered for longevity, our saw pants tackle the notorious crotch blowout head-on!

    Hand Crafted

    Quality Redefined: Handmade Gear that Stands Apart from Mass-Produced Alternatives

    Unparallel Durability

    Unrivaled Saw Pants That Defy Wear and Tear in our Harsh North American Environments

    Built To Last

    Engineered for Endurance, Designed to Withstand Time

    37 Years

    Crafting gear that works. Plain and Simple.