M008 Chap Pro (4100 TCS)

Sale price$272.00 USD
  • Lightest multi-user sized Chap available on the market
  • Closed front design minimizes snagging for added protection 
  • Quick on/off 3-buckle system encourages “must use” policy
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A Closer Look

With full 6-layer Kevlar protection, the 3-Buckle Chaps Pro provides the ultimate robust protection in a snap! Engineered for both seasoned commercial fallers and weekend wood warriors, these chaps offer unparalleled durability with hassle-free wear. Suit up swiftly, tackle any task, and remove just as quickly.

North American Made

Tired of buying overseas-made gear? So were we.

All of our gear is handmade in British Columbia

Saw Pants Beyond Comparison

Our precision-crafted chaps are your first line of defense, melding unparalleled protection with optimal comfort.

Engineered for longevity, our saw pants tackle the notorious crotch blowout head-on!

Hand Crafted

Quality Redefined: Handmade Gear that Stands Apart from Mass-Produced Alternatives

Unparallel Durability

Unrivalled Short-Term Protection For Quick on-off Intermittent Use

Built To Last

Engineered for Endurance, Designed to Withstand Time

37 Years

Crafting gear that works. Plain and Simple.