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Unlined Waterproof Hurricane Rain Jacket

  • Guaranteed to keep you 100% dry all day, every day
  • Virtually indestructible high-tenacity rip-resistant nylon fabric
  • Hi-Viz 3” protective striping for critical visibility safety

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$256.00 USD
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Unlined Hurricane Rain Jacket

  • Highlights

    Our jacket is a must for everyday work or play when facing the wrath of Mother Nature. Pair with the bibbed pants for complete weather protection.

  • Technical Specs

    High Tenacity Nylon 66 Fabric Super rip-proof; will last you years Polyurethane coated Nylon protection 100% waterproof to keep you 100% dry Two layers of 420 and 210 Denier Nylon 2 layers - you’ve got double protection

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Why Rain Gear Pro?

100% Manufactured in North America (Canada)
Individually hand crafted for Quality Control
Polyurethane coated for 100% waterproofness

Rain Gear Pro

Other Brands

Our jackets are individually handcrafted, 100% water proof and rip resistant, and ideal for layering depending on temperature to keep you comfortable all day long.

From Forest to Field: Gear Up with Canada's Most Durable Rain Jacket

Constructed with double layered industrial-grade “soft” fabric, our jackets are technically designed to wick away heat.

You’ve likely tried many brands of raingear and have been majorly disappointed. They all seem to leak in one place or another, get wet inside, and the next thing you know your cold, wet and miserable! The other thing you perhaps have noticed is that your raingear may be fairly waterproof, but is a heavy rubber material, bulky, and doesn’t bend making it super tiring to wear all day.

At the end of the day, the real challenge you are facing is that working in the rain, snow, and wind in leaky and bulky raingear makes work a real grind.

We have the perfect solution to your very real problem; a 100% waterproof, breathable Hurricane Rain Jacket, that wears like a soft jacket yet is tough as nails; won’t rip, and has 3M reflective striping to keep you safe.  The bonus is it is Manufactured in BC Canada with customized fabric sourced in Cdn and the USA!



  • We can do Custom Alterations just for you – sleeves, pockets, etc.
  • Guaranteed 100% Waterproof to keep you dry
  • Equipped with 3M reflective striping so you are highly visible night or day
  • Super supple, your jacket is comfortable to wear for 8+ hours per day
  • Your Jacket is rip-proof; made with high tensile strength material


  • Velcro cuffs to keep sleeves in position and water out
  • Red and Blue color combinations are highly visible in the bush
  • Unique “billowing vented cape design” allowing for mid-torso ventilation 
    • Double-lined outer shell with zero chance of water leakage
    • Double-lined sleeves, shoulders, and upper torso
    • Nickel-plated quick snaps provide multiple ventilation points 
  • Material  
    • Outer material made with 420 Denier industrial-grade polyurethane-coated nylon
    • Liner (inner) material made with 210 denier polyurethane coated nylon

    3M retro-reflective trim