Some of our customers share their experience with Raingear Pro Waterproof Gear.


"I am a house framer in Vancouver, BC where we have a lot of rain. I have had my Hurricane rain gear for over 7 years and have found it to be the best product out there. My crew has gone through 5 or 6 sets of other brands of raingear to my one which is still in great shape. The stuff doesn’t rip or tear and keeps me 100% dry. I totally recommend this product to anyone if you want the best product on the market."

-G. Neufeld, Vancouver, BC  

"I am a trapper and have gone through 2 pairs of these pants in the last 10 or so years, and have found them to be the best product I have ever purchased...I don't think they understand how important good rain gear is to the people who work in them."

-Mike, Prince Rupert, BC

"As a recreational user of the Hurricane rain gear we are extremely satisfied.  On numerous fishing & camping occasions I have stayed dry and warm, Thanks to the Hurricane rain gear.  One particular fishing weekend we spent 34 hours and 23 minutes in the POURING rain.  Excellent fishing, and to top it off we were all dry, wearing Hurricane rain gear.  CHEERS TO A GREAT PRODUCT!"

- B.Vickerson, Salmon Arm, BC

"We tried many types of raingear in our mines in Nunavut and Alaska, none of which could stand up to the conditions of underground mining. We were replacing raingear every few months. Finally we sourced a Canadian manufactured product that has exceeded our expectations for performance. Hurricane Raingear, provided through www.raingearpro.com, is by far the best we have used and their service is exceptional!! We highly recommend this product for its performance, durability and longevity."

- K. Friend, Swick Drilling

"Outside of the Hurricane gear I've been wearing for a while now I bought my first pair of Can Swe saw pants a couple months ago. The P009 pants. I was tired of destroying other brands with just day to day run ins with black berrys and brush. I'm sold! The only damage to date was poking a hole in my own pants with a spur!

Come summer I will be buying another pair of either the P005 or P004 pants. Thanks for making great products!"

- Jamie

Safety Chaps - Rain Gear Pro

 "I'm a 70 year old pensioner, who cuts my own firewood for winter. I knew I had to wear safety pants, when I first saw the amazing cutting speed of that new chainsaw. For the first time I wore my new Can-Swe 3600 Pro pants to fell 2 hemlocks, about 2 foot in diameter. I've been cutting trees for 45 years without incident, wearing my jeans with no protective chaps or pants. Trouble started early, when the hemlock got hung-up on a tall alder.  

Trying to free it, I was working in the undercut. when things got bad. My saw bucked back fast, toward me and then it dropped down hard, cutting into my left thigh, above the knee. Thankfully the sharp chain stopped immediately, because it hit the Kevlar. My story has a happy ending but it sure could have torn through my leg. There's  a 9 inch long leg gash, where it hit me and going halfway through the Kevlar. 

They saved me, just in time and I'll never chainsaw again without them!"

- R. D. Schultz