The Best Rain Gear Canada Has To Offer

Rain Gear Pro is dedicated to producing the best rain gear and saw pants on the market today. It is our belief that rain gear and saw pants should be uncompromising in comfort, durability, water-resistance, and affordability.

The Best Rain Gear Canada Has to Offer

Canada-Made Means Unmatched Quality

Rain Gear Pro features Hurricane Rain Gear and Canswe Saw Pants. Both our lines of Rain Gear and Saw Pants are designed, developed, and produced in Canada. Our products are designed to withstand the rugged North American elements because they're the elements we experience ourselves.


Indigenous Owned, Community-Focused

Rain Gear Pro is owned by Brian Payer. Brian's dedication to his community, as well as his focus on product excellence, has allowed him to build Rain Gear Pro into the best Canadian rain gear provider on the market. Tired of low-quality products manufactured overseas, Brian established Rain Gear Pro to serve North America and to overcome the rough elements our hard workers endure.


A True Family Organization

All Rain Gear Pro products are manufactured by Canswe. Canswe is owned by Brian's brother, Evan Payer. Evan's son in law, Calvin Berger, oversees all operations at Canswe. Collectively, the three are responsible for the high-quality Canadian rain gear you can expect from Rain Gear Pro. Rain Gear Pro and Canswe are both family-owned, Indigenous-Owned organizations.


Put Canadian Rain Gear to the Test

If you're tired of poorly produced rain gear coming from overseas manufacturers, now is your chance to experience North-American-Made Rain Gear, Saw Pants, and protective gear from Rain Gear Pro.

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