Our Story

Hi, my name is Brian Payer, owner and CEO of Rain Gear Pro and in charge of overseeing customer relations. I am truly honored you are making time to read a little about our company and about our team. 


First and foremost, I want you to know how proud we are to provide you with what we believe to be the very best raingear and sawpants in Canada and the USA. With all fabric sourced in Canada and the US our Canswe product lines are manufactured right in British Columbia, Canada…not overseas. 


Canswe is my manufacturer and is owned by my brother Evan Payer and his family. Calvin Berger, Ev’s son in law now looks after all aspects of the operation. Together we are what you would call a true Family operation. Both Canswe and Rain Gear Pro are Indigenous owned and operated entities. 


Ev started Canswe some 35 years ago after spending years in the bush and working in very wild and tough back country conditions with inferior raingear and sawpant PPE. He wanted to make life better and safer for the men and women who endured the harsh seasonal climate in BC. As a result of his dream, Canswe was born and has been an industry leader known for high quality products that “perform the way they are suppose to perform”. 


In fact Canswe products are know across a number of industry sectors including forestry, mining, oil and gas, construction and many others. They were designed by Ev and have been tested, certified (most with Workers Compensation and CSA certification status) to not only comply, but exceed industry standards.